Projects and Tech

Here I will be posting my projects.

It will be a mix of guides showing you how to make and upgrade airsoft stuff, and also some tech info showing you how arisoft guns work.

2017 Oct - Calculating the mosfet power usage.
Some of you may wonder how to sellect a propper mosfet, and it's not that hard, but there are som calculations involved. On this page i go into some of the calculations. I expect to expand the set of calculation as time goes ...
Calculating the mosfet power usage.

2017 Sep - PCB for the Burst mode mosfet
I have tried to take the burst mode mosfet one step futher and designed a PCB board for the components. So no more hand wired spageti wiring and soldering that may break. Now it's kinda professional…
PCB for the Burst mode mosfet.

2017 Jan - Tracer unit DIY
Tracer unit's are being made by alot of different companys, som are pretty good, others not so much. But how do they work, what's inside, and most important: "Can I make my own?". Well acturaly the question should realy be: "Can I make one cheeper than i can buy one?". The short answer is: YES Ofcause. Just click the link and read how.
DIY Tracer unit

2016 June - Burst mode Mosfet DIY
I have seen lots and lots of different mosfet unit's and they kep getting more and more advanced. But I realy can't figure out why an advanced mosfet have to cost 100$ or in some cases eaven more? Hell why eaven pay 40$ ? What's making them so expensive? This quiestion mage me set my self a challenge: "Can I make an advanced Mosfet for less than 15$" The answer: Yes. I have managed to make burst mode and low battery protection in one mosfet unit. If this catches your interest take a look here to see how.
Making a burst mode mosfet

2016 Feb - Spring Rating
Because I often change springs on gun's that I dow't own, allot of people let me keep springs that they don't know the rating of.
This is verry nice but I often get's asked "Do you have a cheep 120 spring that you can put in my gun" and this is where it would be nice to be able to tell what rating an unknown spring has. This is why I started to try to make a simple testing rig so that I could estimate the power of any spring that I find laying round the piles of parts. So in this guide I will be showing you how anyone can test springs and estimate ther rating.
Rating unknown springs

2015 May - Mosfet Project
The first guide that I will post here is the "Basic Mosfet" guide. This shows you how anyone with a solerding iron can make a verry basic mosfet and with some research and e-bay searches the unit can be put together for as little as 2-3$. So it's a good starter project that's not to advanced. But before you start you should at leaset be able to take appart and trouble shoot your gun in case anything goes wrong dyring the build.
Making a basic Mosfet unit