A&K - M249 Para

This is the A&K m249 Para.
There are also other versions of the m249 but most of them are disassembled the same way. As with all other disassembles you should of cause start by removing magazine and battery.

Gearbox removal
To remove the gearbox remove the 2 screws on the side on the gun. They hold the gearbox locked in place in the frame. Unscrew the big rear stock pin lock, and using a small metal rod pull out the pin. Then you can pull down the folding stock, and pull out the gearbox.

Bipod Removal
First remove the front barrel. If you have a Para version this is where the battery is hidden. Push the barrel lock and pull out the barrel (with the inner barrel inside). Remove the battery if not already done. On the side of the front frame, there's a screw on each side. And underneath there’s 2 screws, these 4 screws hold the bipod in place.

Top receiver
The top part of the receiver frame (the part you open to see the top of the gearbox), is removed by removing 3 screws. One underneath (leave the 2 others in place) and 1 on each side. Then the whole top part can be removed and just a small pin with a metal lock holds the attachment block to the upper receiver.

On the top receiver you have the back iron sight. This is hold in place by the 4 screws inside the top receiver. On the side of the top receiver there’s 2 screws holding a small metal plate. To remove it unhook the spring the remove the screws.

Front grip
Underneath the gun you left 2 screws in the gun. These 2 hold a small spring metal plate that holds the front grip. When reassembling attach the metal parts first then push the front grim into the clamp. The plastic sides of the front grip are hold in place with 2 screws each. To remove the mag catch mechanism just push out the pin and remove the 2 screws holding the metal feeding unit.

That’s it.
You should now have a fully disassembled gun. I recommend: Air sealing mod, and also adding a Mosfet to fix problems with the trigger jamming in full auto mode. Especially if you run 9 volts battery or above. Also check you the gearbox disassembly guide for this model.