ASG - m70 Varmint

ASG m70 Varmint Sniper rifle.
This is a cheap sniper that is made mostly from plastic, and "pot metal". So the gun is verry cheap, and modding the gun is riscy if you don't change parts. It can handle a 130 spring as standard, but above that you will quickly break the gun.

first stem is of cause as always to remove extra gear and magacine. Underneath the gun, located by the mac well, theres 2 screws that needs to be removed. Then the trigger mechanism and barrel can be pulled out. The barrel can be removed by removing 2 screws. But it's only nessesary to remove the barrel if you need access to spring & cylender assenbly. If you only need acces to trigger assembly leave the barrel on.

Pull the barrel of the cylender. Then if you just need to change the spring, just screw off the cylender head. If you need acces to the inner barrel (eg. For Barrel stabilization) then remove the mag holder. Also unscrew the hop-up ajuster.

Remove the 6 screws, to open the hop up assembly, and pull off the rubber barrel stabilizer. Inside the hou-op unit theres a small spring that push up on the hop-up bar. So be carefull when opening so it don't fly away.

The trigger guard is removed by just one screw, then it can be pulled of. The bolt assembly is just held together with one screw. Again remember to be carefull because the rear bolt bart contain a small rod pushed by a spring. So don't loose it! And to remove the trigger assembly just unscrew the 2 screws.

The trigger assembly is easy to open (4 screws, and one that hold the safety leaver.). But as you can see on the picture theres some small parts and springs inside. So be carefull, and put it together carefuly.

Now you have a fully disassembled gun :-)