Classic Army - SA RPK-7

Classic Army - SA RPK-7, Real wood
The RPK-7 is a sniper version of the traditional Ak47 machine gun. This version is a top of the line classic army gun. It’s full metal and real wood. But out of the box it's only shooting 100 M/s and for a sniper that's really not much. So upgrading with a bigger spring is something most people would do. After looking at the internal components, it's my opinion that it should be able to handle up to an m130 spring without having to change other parts.

First unscrew the front. Just use something to grip it and turn. Underneath the gun under the small rod you will find a screw holding the front iron sight. And on the side there’s a screw holding the bi-pod. Note that these steps are not necessary if you just want access to the gearbox.

Gearbox access
First remove the battery cover, and unscrew the stock screw on the top. In the bottom of the handle threes a screw that holds the handle. Once the handle is off the motor is shown. Unplug the motor assembly by removing the 2 screws, and unplug the motor (use a soldering iron if the wires are soldered). Then remove the bottom 2 stock screws, and pull off the wood stock.

Main body
Underneath the gun there’s 2 screws in front of the mag well and 2 inside. Inside the body 2 screws holds the hop-op unit. When these screws are out you can easily pull the front assembly off, and the inner barrel out of the front.

Gearbox last steps
On the side of the gun you find a screw on the selector switch, take it and the switch off. Then the gearbox is free to be pulled out of the main body.

Thats it you should now have extracted the gearbox and barrel.

Once you have the gun disassembled you should do: Air sealing, upgrade the spring, and to open the gearbox you can folow my version 3 gearbox disassembly guide.