Cyma - Mp5K

Cyma - Mp5K Full metal
This is my personal weapon, so naturaly i have upgradet on it, and changed som parts. So if your gun don't look eksactly the same then it's just because mine is slightly upgraded :-) But the disassembly process should be the same. So you should be able to folow this guide without problems.
The first thing to doo is ofcause to remove all the ekstra gear you have attached. And then remove the locking pin's there's one holding the front (You should know this because it's where you attach the battery). And 2 in the back of the gun (where you put the battery into the gun). And then pull off the front handle, and back cover plate. Then detach the battery and remove it (you can use the dummy cocking handle to push the battery out a couple of centimeters, then pull it by hand).

Hop-up and lower recriver
Under neath the front sight's theres a small screw holding the barrel in place, this needs to be loosend to be able to remove it. Then remove the main body pin that holds the upper and lower body parts together. When this is off you can pull back the lower receiver with gearbox inside. Remove the screw (shown on the picture above) that holds the hop-up unit and barrel. It's located where the front grip was before. When this is done you should have 2 parts. One upper, and one lower receiver.

Motor etc.
To extract the gearbox the selector switch needs to be removed. It's hold in place with a single screw. And the motor needs to be removed. The motor is inside the main handle, and to get to it you remove the 2 screws underneath the handle. Thease hold the motor plate in place. Notice that there's a large screw in between the 2 small. ONLY remove the 2 small because teh midle one is just used to ajust the motor height. So don't turn it if you don't know how to do motor ajustments! Then you just unplug the motor wires (mine is screwed on becaus i have changed the motor to a g&p m170 motor. But on standard guns just pull them off). With the motor wires off you can just pull the motor out.

Now with the motor out just remove the 2 screws inside the main handle (Wherer the motor was) then you can pull out the hole gearbox assembly. And if you need access to the hopup then just pull it out of the metal frame.

That's it... Verry simple gun to disassemble!

If you need to disassemble the gearbox just folow the version 3 gearbox guide located here:
Version 3 gearbox - The only difference is that the motor is already removed.