Clasic Army - SAR Offizier m41 FS

Clasic Army - SAR Offizier m41 FS
First of I must say I’m sorry: This gun comes with a but stock but I don't have a picture of it with it on. Sorry. Now to the disassembly. First remove the but stock by pulling out the 2 attachment pins. It's a bit tight fit so apply a bit of force to pull the stock off. And then disconnect the wires running from the gearbox into the stock. Also remove the front rails (It will make it lighter to work with and it's just one pin to pull out). Then remove the pin holding the lower and upper receiver together. Now the 2 receiver parts can be pulled apart.

To get access to the gearbox remove the motor cover. Then disconnect the motor, and pull it out of the handle. Inside the handle you will find 2 screws holding the gearbox attached to the lower receiver. With the screws gone you can pull off the handle.

Now you can remove the small screw on the fire mode selector switch, and remove both half’s from the gearbox. Now you can pull out the gearbox. It's a standard version 2 style gearbox. In the back of the gearbox you will find a screw that needs to be removed to detach the small plastic peace in the back.

To open the main body first remove the 2 screws attaching the front. Then pull out the front assembly. Remove the 3 screws and gently pry open the box.

Inside you will find a spring and plastic rod attached to the hop up cover. As you can see this is one of the easy guns to open and close again. Especially the gearbox is really easy to get access to. So it's a nice gun to work on. I recommend air sealing because it's not very well sealed from the factory. To see how to open the gearbox folow the version 2 gearbox guide.