Spring Rating

Spring Rating

Have you eaver had a bunch of airsoft spring's lying arround without knowing what kind of power they have?
In this guide I will explain how you can rate springs.

Inside a gearbox what's happening is that the gears drive the piston all the way back into the gearbox. This compresses the spring, and when the gears let go the spring push the piston forward. So if you can messure the ammount of force that is required to compress the spring into the piston, then you have a way to acuratly rate the springs power.
So what I have done is messure the length of different springs under different loads, and create a chart that shows the messurements.

Using this chart you will be able to rate springs pretty acuratly. But be aware that this is not a bulit proof method, so you may not get an exact ressult each time.

During my data collection process i noticed that my progressive springs was almist linear, This is clearly visible in this chart of 2 differet springs. You can see that all the data points is almist on a straight line.

The final thing that I did was to compare the data with a gun chrono using my Magpul PDR-C to chrono the springs. And this made it verry clear that my PDR is not as efficient as an M4. Meaning that the heavyer spring the more FPS the gun is off.

If you want to see how I created the data chart feel free to watch this video showing how i collected the data.

After I collected the data I wanted to show all you people how you can use it without having to invest in allot of equipment. So I made this "Part 2" video showing how you can create an easy test rig and look up spring values in the chart.

So I hope the video's are helpfull and can show you in details what to doo.