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Site News
The new "Projects and Tech" section.
Contains information in my new en upcomming projects.
Projects and Tech

Creating a PCB

DIY Tracer unit

Making a Burst mode mosfet

Rating unknown springs

New gun disassembly pages.
With detailed descriptions on how to take yout gun appart.
Disassembly Guides

ASG - Scorpion Evo 3


ASG - m70 Varmint

CA - SAR Offizier m41 FS

Cyma - Mp5K

A&K m249 Para


In the mod department you will find guids that:
Hepls increase performance, spees, power, acuracy, etc.
Modding Guides

Adding Capasitors
Air Sealing guide
Barrel stabilization guide
O-Ring Expansion guide